Demonstration of a Drive Over Conveyor


There is always a fast and efficient way to unload trailers. You have to use drive over conveyors to allow easy and quick placement. Here are the important things to know about dive over conveyors.

What is a drive over conveyor?

This system handles mechanical work for transporting materials and loads within the area.

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It lessens human errors and risks in the workplace. It would also help reduce the labour costs of the company.

Drive over conveyors are very helpful, and it comes with unique features like swinging from one hopper to another. It transports with the conveyor, and it’s low-profile.

It’s usually the farmers who can benefit from the drive over conveyors. They can unload the items in no time. It’s faster as it beats swinging the hopper underneath the truck.

Drive Over Conveyors: A Need for an Industry

Like other farmers could attest, drive over conveyors is highly needed in the industry.

Features of Drive Over Conveyors

Of course, drive over conveyors are known for their high-capacity features and belt for augers.

It is low-profile, and it comes with a drive over the section and adjustable hopper. It also comes with a single easy action for a purpose over positioning, hopper lift, and belt engagement.

Drive over conveyors also come with a safety anti-accident shut off feature, as well as an accessible transport mode – which makes the work fast and very efficient.