Beware of Hackers, Get Cyber Security Now


Network intrusion detection system

Computer hackers are real and they are always looking for their next victim. Malware is rampant on websites, in emails and on networks that are not properly secured. In fact, Google detects over 9,000 malicious sites daily, including ones that have ben hijacked. With so many of these sites littering the internet, it is not hard to understand why companies take serious measures to put a network intrusion detection system in place. In any given business, electronic devices are used to connect to a company server. With so many devices connected to a network, advanced malware protection is important to protect users and company data.

Intrusion prevention system software offers real time network monitoring to track where a user is going on the internet, and what transactions they conduct. In many cases, data and information hazards come from individuals working within a company. These people have privileged access to codes and passwords and can retrieve this information easily. For this reason, companies either hire cyber security companies to watch their network, or IT professionals to work in house to monitor all the company’s data. By keeping a log of all activity from every device that connects to the network, any suspicious actions can be traced and stopped. Even with all these security measures in place, the last 6 years has brought the federal government a 680 percent increase in internet security breaches.

The good news is that the cost of rectifying a security breach has declined, according to a 2011 study. Cyber security companies have done their job creating network intrusion detection systems that reduce the risk of unsecure data. As a result, less money is spent on fixing malware damage. Regardless of how much is spent on preventing hackers, there is no way to guarantee that network security will never be compromised. But investing in high quality security measures is one way to reduce the chance of a intrusion. Do not hesitate to protect your network; you never know when a hacker will strike next.