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Make Your Next Move Easier With Physics!

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The average couch weighs about 120 pounds. Refrigerators are 200-250 pounds, depending on the age of your model (the newer ones are a little lighter). And while it’s impossible to calculate the average weight of your boxes before they’re all packed up for a move, the average number of boxes is easy to predict – a lot of them.

The bottom line is simple: unless you’ve shelled out a small fortune for a full-service moving company, you’re going to be lifting and hauling many, many heavy things during your next move. And basic physics tells us “a heavy thing only gets heavier when you have to go up a silly little ramp into a rental truck” (okay, I might have paraphrased that formula a little).

Enter moving an

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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Hiring a criminal defense attorney

Have you recently wondered about how to find a criminal defense attorney? Chances are, you are probably in some legal trouble if you are thinking about how to find a criminal defense attorney. Criminal law is very much its own distinct category within the legal system. There are serious potential consequences or sanctions for failure to abide by its rules. That is why if you are thinking about how to find criminal defense attorney, it is extremely important that you receive proper guidance from someone who has your best interests at heart.

Top criminal defense attorneys do not come cheap. However, they are worth every dime you spend on them. The difference be