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Follow Your Favorite Acts with the Best Online Music Magazines

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Best online music magazine

Americans absolutely love music. Consider, according to Atkins Bookshelf, we spent $19.8 billion in 2012 on concerts, CDs, and digital tunes from our favorite musical acts. In a time where many Americans are struggling just to make ends meet, 76% of us are living paycheck to paycheck, according to Yahoo! Finance, we still turn to music to make everything better.

Musical tastes are as varied as the 7.1 billion people, tallied by the U.S. Census Bureau, who populate our planet. Whether you are a fan of pop music, rock, folk, indie, or otherwise, you likely want to stay current on all the latest releases from your favorite musical acts. Here are three of the best online music magazines to keep you up to date on the music you love most.

  • MOJO
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