11 Easy Car Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money


Owning a car is a significant financial investment. To ensure longevity and peak performance, you’ll often need to have easy car upgrades done. While some automotive improvements take a lot of effort, cash, and technical skill, others can be simple while still increasing the value of your car. Here are 11 easy car upgrades that are worth your money.

1. Have Your Windows Tinted

Having your windows tinted is top of our list of easy car upgrades. While it may seem like buying an at-home window tinting kit is a good idea, tinting windows is a challenging task. You risk having a film bubble, rip, or ripple if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge. Driving will become riskier as these defects will impair your vision. If your tint needs fixing, or you need to restore your car after an accident, you’ll have to fork out more money. It’s not worth the risk.

For the best results, work with professional auto window tinting companies. Hiring the right professionals to tint your car’s windows is in the best interest of your car and finances, so you need to know what to look out for. With so many tinting choices, how do you pick a trustworthy auto window tinting business?

Find out if they understand local regulations. States have varying legislation regarding the percentage of window tinting. A local window tinting business can guarantee that the tint used complies with local regulations, which could otherwise get you flagged by the police. Ask your friends and relatives for referrals to locate a nearby business. Search engines can be a valuable resource for finding window-tinting companies in your area.

After finding a few local window tinting companies, look up their reviews and testimonials. You can find reviews online by heading to each company’s website.
Customers leave good reviews when they’re satisfied with a service. Only hire a company if the majority of reviews are favorable.

You should also ask to see previous and current jobs to accurately gauge the quality of a company’s services. Be sure to find out if the business prioritizes client satisfaction. Don’t hire a service if they’re not insured or they lack the appropriate licenses. A company that complies with all applicable regulations is committed to its work.

Ask all the window tinting businesses you’re considering to show you all the relevant licenses. If they fail to present any license, check out the next company. You don’t want to risk being caught between unnecessary legal battles. You should also ask them how long they’ve been in operation to establish their experience. An experienced company that has stood the test of time is more likely to do a great window tinting job.

Also, consider the types of vehicles they have the most experience tinting and if they offer a warranty. A warranty will come in handy if your car window tint needs replacement before the end of the covered term. It also allows you to have your automobile tint fixed at the service provider without paying additional fees.

Just make sure you read the fine print. Remember, a quality business will have no problem providing a warranty as this is proof they’re confident in their work. A solid warranty typically covers you for up to 10 years.

While reputation matters, look for a business that provides tinting services at an affordable cost. Get multiple quotes from several auto window tinting companies. After comparing prices, pick a window tinting firm you can afford.

2. Get Insurance

Getting auto insurance is second on our list of easy car upgrades. Most states require basic personal auto insurance, which gives you some financial security in the event of an accident or theft. The auto insurance company covers your losses as per your policy’s terms.

If you’re financing your car, the lender may require you to have a specific kind of auto insurance. For instance, if you’re buying an expensive car that’ll depreciate once you drive it off the lot, gap insurance may be necessary. This type of insurance covers the difference between the original value of the car and the outstanding debt. A bad driving record or wanting full coverage will result in higher premiums. You can lower your premiums by assuming more risk, which entails raising your deductible.

3. Get Roadside Assistance Services

Road service will come in handy should your car develop mechanical problems on the road that either can’t be fixed or have made it impossible for it to be transferred to an auto repair shop. Roadside assistance personnel will make their way to you, examine the car and address any repair needs. Getting roadside assistance is among the easy car upgrades that save you time and money.

4. Get Your Car Oil Changed

Every car manufacturer recommends changing the oil after several miles. Oil serves several purposes, including cooling, cleansing, and protecting your engine. An engine is made up of several moving components, such as valves and pistons. By reducing friction, the lubricating nature of engine oil helps to safeguard these components.

After the recommended oil change period, engine oil starts to degrade, making it less effective at shielding the engine parts from friction, which causes wear and tear. Getting your oil changed is one of the easy car upgrades you can undertake on a budget. There are other reasons why you need to have your oil changed.

With time, engine oil degrades and thickens due to constant exposure to high temperatures. The oil’s thermal breakdown limits its ability to absorb heat, causing the engine to overheat, and parts to wear out and warp.

Engine oil does more than lubricate and cool. It also cleans the engine’s internal components by removing particles and dirt. If not cleaned, this debris can accumulate and cause the oil channels to get clogged. Your engine’s lifespan may be affected as a result. The accumulation of dirt will make the engine work harder, which reduces its power.

When oil is left in an engine for an extended period without being changed, it starts to gel or harden, and eventually becomes sludge. This prevents it from reaching all areas of the engine, starving the crankshafts, bearings, camshafts, and other engine parts that need oil. Without regular car oil changes, the engine will have to work harder because the thickened, sludge-like aged oil makes turning difficult. To get the same level of power, you’ll need more gasoline.

Burning old engine oil also emits hazardous fumes into the atmosphere. So, if you’re environmentally conscious, regularly changing the engine oil should be a no-brainer. And while at it, remember to always change the oil filter when getting an oil change as this lowers the possibility that the debris clinging to the old oil filter may contaminate the freshly changed oil.

5. Upgrade Your Tires

Your tires play a key role in the safety and functionality of your vehicle, making proper tire maintenance a necessity. Keeping up with tire maintenance will prevent flats, enhance road safety, and improve gas mileage. During the colder months, tires need routine inspection and care as colder temperatures cause tire pressure to drop.

Proper inflation ensures more load capacity while improving tire performance, durability, and fuel efficiency. Always fill your tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Thanks to advancements in tire technology, you can now inflate your tires with air or nitrogen.

If you’ve had your tires for some time now, consider upgrading them as part of your easy car upgrades. Industry experts advise replacing all four tires at once, or at least two on the back of the car, for the best performance and safety. The front and rear tires should be of the same brand, size, tread pattern, load index, and speed rating. Using tires of various sizes and construction can be dangerous. Visit your local auto shop and look at the different tires on sale. If you find yourself confused by the different brands and sizes, ask for help from the personnel.

6. Find a Reputable Mechanic

As a car owner, you need a quick and efficient way to have your car repaired. Even though you might have some experience managing simple auto repairs, a professional mechanic and maintenance business is always preferred. The fact that there are more auto repair and maintenance facilities than ever before shouldn’t come as a surprise. More people today understand the importance of working with a trustworthy mechanic.

When you take your car in for an auto inspection at a mechanic shop, they’ll spot potential issues before they become worse and cause the early failure of components, which necessitates expensive repairs. A mechanic shop also has access to all the parts you may need for your vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs.

In the long run, finding a reliable mechanic business can save you time and money. If you’re not satisfied with the service you’re getting from your current mechanic, consider finding a new one as part of your easy car upgrades.

7. Customize Your Car

A custom car is a vehicle that’s modified to either improve performance, often by changing or replacing the engine and transmission, or making a personal ‘styling’ statement, often by using paint and aftermarket accessories to make the car look unique compared to its factory model. Custom car services provide a range of customization options to suit a diverse set of needs. For aesthetics, you can upgrade your headlights and tail lights to HID or LED, lower the suspension, add seat covers, or install a custom steering wheel.

8. Wrap Your Car

Car wrapping involves encasing a car in a unique vinyl film. It offers an easy way to modify the appearance of an automobile without having to shell out a fortune for a full re-spray. Car wrapping offers a cost-effective alternative for those looking to customize on a budget. Vinyl films come in a range of colors, styles, or textures that’ll let you give your automobile a personal touch.

You may be worried that customizing your car may lower its worth when you sell it. However, keep in mind that car wraps are not permanent, allowing you to return everything to how it was before when it’s time to sell. Car wrapping also protects the paintwork from wear, tear, and sun damage, so it will look as good as new when you take out the wrap.

9. Limited Slip Differential

If you own a modern car that doesn’t come with a limited-slip differential (LSD), expect to spend between $600 and $1,200 on an LSD upgrade. An LSD system shifts power from a wheel that’s losing traction to wheels that have great traction. This reduces wear on the tires and axle shafts while delivering almost perfect traction on the tarmac and enhanced traction off-road.

10. Upgrade Shocks

Shock absorbers work to keep your tires firmly planted on the ground. They do this by absorbing the shocks that result from driving over bumps and other obstacles. Additionally, they aid in reducing the up-and-down motion that springs naturally exhibit after they’ve been compressed.

This will make your car much more stable. When you pair decent shocks with stiffer and lower springs, you may start to see a kind of multiplier effect of all the nice geometry you’ve been aiming for. You don’t need to use fancy, adjustable versions unless you know what you’re doing.

11. Get New Floor Mats

Switching out your floor mats is a great way to upgrade your car’s interior. While it may not seem like the most impactful upgrade, new floor mats will instantly transform the look and feel of your interior. It is an easy and cost-effective approach to freshening up your car’s interior.

Your car is an important part of your daily life. Whether you’ve just bought your first car or you’re looking to give your car a refresh, you can improve the performance and aesthetics of your car with these easy car upgrades. Note that not all upgrades will increase the value of your car, some will just improve its aesthetics. Do your research while having a clear picture of your goal in mind.