Why Is it Important to Buy Flowers From a Local Florist?


Flowers are a great way to lift peoples’ spirits. Almost 65% of Americans claim to feel special when receiving flowers. But where do these flowers come from? And why is it important to pick flowers from a local florist? The video above answers it all!

All over the world, people buy flowers for various occasions. However, many of these flowers are imported and incur heavy charges.

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Apart from being inexpensive, the flowers arrive in perfect shape and condition. It’s because imported flowers frequently suffer damage during shipping, which makes them less appealing. Furthermore, local florists assist shoppers with identifying and recommending flowers. Flowers from the local florist are always fresher and more elegant.

A local florist has a variety of flowers at discounted rates. This means that flower enthusiasts will be able to purchase fresh flowers at a lower cost. Additionally, these florists customize flowers with ribbons, glitter, etc. Local flowers, unlike imported flowers, are not subject to additional fees. Purchasing flowers from a local florist is also a way to give back to the community and demonstrate unity.