What You Should Know When Considering Botox


Do you want to prevent or get rid of fine lines? Do you feel like your skin is aging faster than it should be? Then botox treatment might the right option for you. This video discusses what botox is and the side effects that can come along with it.

Botox is used to stop muscle function or prevent muscle function for three to six months. The areas people tend to treat with botox are the wrinkles around their eyes and the wrinkles between their eyebrows.

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Botox is becoming more and more popular among the younger crowd to prevent aging. The problem with this is that more medi-spas are offering botox services. Not all medi-spas have the necessary training or certifications so you want to make sure you are finding a good source when looking for botox treatment.

Some common side effects of botox are drooping of the eyelid for a period of time. UCI health prevents this from staying on the side of where the bone is when injecting and not towards the outside of the eyelid is. If you are interested in botox treatment and want to know more about the injection process, watch this video.