What You Didnt Know About Auto Repairs


Car accidents are common in America. In 2017, there were roughly 6.5 million accidents in the US. Collision auto body repair centers and paint use various techniques to repair accidents.

The typical tools used by the Center for auto body repair include a bondo, a frame machine, and a flat liner. Frame machines are employed to fix your vehicle’s structural damage.

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The company also uses a computerized system to ensure that mounting clamps are installed correctly.

To ensure that all components are appropriately positioned, the company uses a computerized measuring system to build the original structure. Other tools such as flatliners are used for delicate minor dents. The complicated dents are pulled using bridges. The bondo process smoothes out dents with first drying and sandable fillings.

Unlike many collision repair companies that conduct their repair services manually, Hendrick Collision Center uses computerized technologies and tools to achieve your car’s original shape and structure.