What to Expect During a Sewer Line Replacement


Sewer lines should not need frequent replacements, but if your sewer line hasn’t been working, you may need one. Since it is not a common problem, you might not know what it entails. In this article, we will discuss what to expect during a sewer line replacement.


A contractor will assess what is wrong with your sewer line and act accordingly. If a sewer line replacement is needed, they will create a replacement plan.

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The next step is to excavate and replace the sewer line.

Excavation and Replacement

During a sewer line replacement, contractors will properly remove your current sewer line by removing pipes. Next, they will excavate the area to ensure it is ready for a new system. Lastly, the new sewer line will be installed and tested. If the system does not work properly, they will fix any issues before completing the replacement.

Backfill and Restoration

These are the last tasks that need to be completed before finishing the sewer line replacement. Backfilling will ensure your outdoor space, yard, and driveway are restored to their original state. After these steps, you can use your septic system as you normally would.

If you think you need a sewer line replacement, don’t hesitate to contact your local sewer company today!