What is Drunk Driving?


Is dui a felony

Many people are concerned about just exactly what is drunk driving? How many drinks can you consume before being considered legal drunk? What is probable cause for an officer to pull you over? There are many intricacies that cover what is drunk driving.

Obviously, the best way to avoid asking what is drunk driving is not to drink and drive. However, let us take a look at some facts and figures surrounding drunk driving or operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or OVI.

You may want to know how many drinks you can consume and how that affects what is drunk driving. Well, there are a lot of factors that go into that questions such as whether you are a man or a women, your height and weight, and how your body tolerates or absorbs alcohol.

In order to be pulled over, police must have what is called probable cause. This is important in understanding what is drunk driving. If you were swerving, ran a red light, or witnesses confirmed that you were too drunk to drive, a police official cannot stop you unless there is evidence confirming that you were driving suspiciously. If you are pulled over, you may have to undergo a chemical or breath test. For instance, Ohio has an implied consent law that states if you refuse to submit to such testing, you will be subject to a fine and automatic license suspense. So if you are pulled over it is best to consent, and the follow up with an attorney.

Attorneys understand all the intricacies of what is drunk driving, DUI laws, and may be able to assist you in your case and give you the best DUI defense. If you are facing drunk driving charges, your lawyer may be able to analyze videos, contact witness, and challenge Breathalyzer tests to prove whether you fall under the what are drunk driving limitations. You may also need his or her assistance to help prevent a license suspension. In many cases, after a conviction your license can be suspended prior to an administrative hearing.

You may have other questions about what is drunk driving and the consequences. Again, one of the best resources is an attorney who specializes in these cases. He or she can answer all your questions about what is drunk driving, and provide DUI defense law assistance if needed. More research here: Drunk driving lawyer