What Does a Divorce Lawyer Say About Marriage?


Ever wondered what a divorce lawyer has to say about marriage? Maybe you’re planning to tie the knot soon, or you’re thinking about it. Well, this article is a must-read for you. Instead of sharing tips about how to handle divorce, in this video, divorce lawyer, James Sexton shares tips on how to stay longer in marriage. He begins by highlighting that divorce attorneys have a lower rate of divorce because they witness the aftermath of failed marriages firsthand.

Video Source

An audience guest, who has been married to her husband Mike for 38 years, shares her story. Mike used to travel a lot and was away most of the time due to work. However, since his recent retirement, she finds it difficult to adjust to the changes in their marriage. When he comes back home, she feels like their home has become a place of tension. In response, the divorce attorney says that marriage is like a dance, where the music changes and you have to adapt to the new rhythm. He emphasizes that it’s often the small disconnects that cause spouses to lose sight of the story they were trying to create together.

The attorney stresses the importance of communication and honesty in a marriage. He explains that many divorces happen because people keep quiet about their resentments and discomfort, instead of addressing them openly with their partner.