What Do Waste Dispoal Services Do With Construction Waste?


As a construction worker, a construction business owner, or as a citizen, you may be wondering where all of the construction waste goes. In this video, Jeremy Swatton, a Materials Engineer, discusses what happens when you hire a company for a construction waste disposal service. Many waste disposal services recycle the materials that are not needed on this construction site.

Video Source

In this video, we can see this waste disposal service fully. Jeremy describes the entire process as it happens. The leftover concrete is taken from the site and put into the crusher. This concrete gets crushed and then goes onto a belt which goes onto the screener. At this step of the process, the oversized material is taken out. The material that comes off the side belt is reused. There is little to no waste when you hire a construction waste disposal company for their services.

To learn even more about the process and what you might see when you are on a construction site, watch this entire video. You can learn where this unused material goes and what it is reused for. This process is great if you are wanting to recycle the unused materials on the construction site.