What Are the Best SEO Practices for a Small Web Company?


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Web companies across the world are wising up to what is becoming one of the most potent tools in all of Internet marketing: search engine optimization. The world is constantly in flux, and traditional forms of print marketing and advertising are simply no longer as effective as what can be easily obtained on the web. Email newsletters are one thing, but SEO has the potential to turn a fledgling startup into an Internet powerhouse. How? Keep these five tips in mind to get the best SEO results you can possibly get:

1. Opt for organic.

Nearly 80 percent of modern search users say they almost always click on natural search results, and another 80 say they rarely or never go for the sponsored results. This is a huge piece of information to know as a web company flirting with SEO. In order to generate more traffic, you have to be seen, but you cannot jump around in front of users’ faces. When you deposit yourself as an organic search engine result, you allow the user the full autonomy of discovering you on his or her own.

2. Be relentless.

Because we are creatures of convenience, three-quarters of search users will not bother looking past the first results page. So, how do you land on that first page? You have to be relentless in your SEO content generation. SEO is not some kind of miracle drug that cures your search woes overnight; in fact, it is a daily quest to produce more and more until you can be the organic master at the top of the rankings. This can end up being the best SEO practice of all.

3. Always engage.

Companies, on average, only respond to around 30 percent of their user feedback on social media. This represents a tremendous area of missed opportunity for them, so you have to make a point to engage with your users in order to let them know their opinions are valid. People like to be heard, and social media makes this easier than ever. The best SEO starts and ends with the same thing: user experience.

4. Blog, blog, blog the night away.

Companies that blog have around 434 percent more indexed pages in Google than those who do not. That means hundreds of chances to get noticed by your potential customers. Plus, blogging allows users to see past the business exterior and feel like they can get to know your company. Having more pages also significantly boosts your best SEO chances in the search rankings.

5. Look ahead and go mobile.

Somewhere around 64 percent of smartphone users now use their mobile devices to shop online. As more users venture into mobile use, you have to adapt your best SEO practices to fit that shift. When people use Google on their phones, you have to be there, too, ready with a mobile-friendly web site to accommodate their browsing habits.

Of course, every company is different, and not all online marketing agendas operate equally. The best SEO practices for your company might be different than those of another local business, but it is always worth it to try it out. After all, the best SEO can end up meaning the best business. Learn more: www.hope.edu