What Are Cesspool Pumping Services?


Septic and sewage tanks often have to be pumped regularly to maintain their functionality, prevent malfunction, and stop them from becoming health hazards. Cesspool pumping services are the right professionals to contact when it’s time to clean the tanks. If you’ve hired cesspool pumping services, the YouTube video “What to expect when you have your septic tank pumped” comes in handy.

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The first thing cesspool pumping services do when they arrive at a job site is to locate the septic tank using a prod. The septic tank is usually buried underground and can be located using a prod to poke the ground. The point at which the prod makes a sound due to being unable to penetrate the ground is where the septic tank is located.

After locating the tank, sod is dug up to access the septic tank’s lid. A smart way to save on costs is to dig up the dirt before the cesspool pumping service arrives. After opening the lid, solid matter in the tank is first removed before the remaining contents of the septic tank are pumped out using a machine that is connected with a hose to a large tank on a truck. After pumping, your septic tank will regain its full functionality.