Wedding Recptions Can be the Highlight of Those Special Days


Waterfront weddings

Getting married is perhaps one of the biggest, and best life events. You and your intended are going to exchange vows, expressing your love and commitment in front of your friends and family. Whether you are getting married in a small ceremony or a large event, it will still be truly special.

One of the best things about your wedding is that you will get to throw a huge party after. Wedding receptions are often seen as the party after the party of two. Now, according to Brides magazine, the average couple spends approximately $27,000 on their weddings. This cost also includes wedding receptions. Three quarter of engaged couples say that they will either pay for the entire wedding, or contributing to the costs. This is opposed to those couples whose relatives will shoulder the expense of the wedding and wedding receptions.

Now it may be surprising that with an average of 7,000 marriages taking place each day, less than 20 percent of brides hire a wedding planner. So you may be one of those who are planning weddings and wedding receptions on your own.

You are looking at all sorts of locations that hold weddings and wedding receptions including Virginia Beach wedding venues and Virginia beach wedding receptions venues. There are so many event locations in Virginia Beach that you may be overwhelmed. Just take a deep breath and decide what kind of wedding and reception you want. If you are thinking of waterfront weddings or weddings by the water as the place you will exchange vows, you can thinking of wedding receptions that will fit that theme.

Since approximately 15 percent of wedding receptions feature a signature drink customized for this special occasion, you may want to offer one yourself. You can create a beautiful tropical cocktail that will match your wedding theme.

Wedding receptions can be as big or as small as you desire. Perhaps you want to throw a big blow out and invite just about everyone you know to help you celebrate. Or you might want a smaller gathering, perhaps an intimate dinner with just your closest friends and family. No matter what, wedding receptions will be part of the cherished memories of this special day.
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