Veterans Lawyers Fight For Your Benefits


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Florida has a high population of older residents. One in five Floridians receive Social Security and by 2030, 27 percent of Florida’s population will be over 65. But life is not easy for all of these residents. Nearly 300,000 Floridians live below the poverty line.

Only 35 percent of Floridians who apply for disability status are approved for SSD or SSI insurance and 85 percent of appeals for SSI or SSD benefits are denied annually. Florida’s older population also means that Florida has a high population of veterans, since the draft was still in place up until the 1970s. Social Security disability attorneys and veterans lawyers can help clients determine the benefits to which they may be entitled. Social security disability attorneys have a high level of experience dealing with such cases.

The services that veterans lawyers provide are particularly important for many people who need support. A Social Security disability attorney provides numerous services across the board. If a claim is insufficient to attain disability status, social security disability lawyers can make an assessment and help clients avoid cases which would be overly expensive. But if a client has a serious disability claim, a Social Security disability attorney or Orlando veterans lawyer can also provide information as to what information will be necessary to confirm a disability.

This is particularly important at this point in time. Coming out of two recent wars, Americans are now more familiar with how serious some injuries can become over time. Social security attorneys are familiar with these kinds of disabilities and will, therefore, be more likely to be able to help these individuals gain access to the services which they deserve.

Typically, a veterans attorney is familiar with what many veterans go through. This is not to say that all services are equal, and veterans should speak to a variety of attorneys to ensure that they have the best option, but a veterans lawyer is almost always open to hearing them out. It is for this reason that their services will probably become more important in the future. See this link for more references.