Urgent Care vs. ER Care Which Is for You?


According to the video below, it may be difficult for a person to decide whether he or she needs to visit an emergency room or an urgent care facility. Both types of facilities are equipped to handle a broad range of injuries and illnesses. However, there is a difference between the two.

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Anyone who is suffering from severe chests pain or shows symptoms of a stroke or heart attack should visit an emergency room immediately. Emergency room facilities have the equipment necessary to resolve cardiac arrest and recover people in these dire conditions. Urgent care facilities may not have the capacity to handle such situations.

An urgent care facility can handle all minor issues and a variety of medium-severity conditions. For example, they can handle a sports injury such as a sprain or fracture. They can diagnose and treat infections and certain diseases. Some urgent care facilities also have labs inside of their establishments and can perform a broad range of tests. In most cases, an urgent care facility is an acceptable place to get care. There are many benefits to visiting an urgent care facility in the areas of pricing and wait time. However, there are other times when visiting an urgent care facility isn’t the right thing to do.