Understanding Wastewater Services


With the invention of modern plumbing, came the need to deal with wastewater. Every time we flush our toilets the water and waste have to be taken somewhere. Wastewater services are the facilities that take in and filter the wastewater once it leaves our homes.

Before the water can enter the wastewater services, it has to pass by bar screens. These screens block any larger objects from entering the facility and potentially damaging the equipment.

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The water then moves onto grit treatment. Grit treatment is important in removing larger particles from the water. Things like sand or rock may still be left in the water and those materials cannot be removed using the chemicals that the water will receive later in the process.

Later on in the process the water goes through an aeration process. A large number of bacteria, along with oxygen being pumped into the water, work to clean the water and remove harmful materials.

In the final part of the process the water is disinfected. A couple of different chemicals can be used to disinfect the water, and chlorine is a popular option. After the disinfection takes place the water is clean enough to drink and is pumped back out into the world.