Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting


In this video, a product manager from IBM describes what a dedicated host is and what justifies them to be more costly than other types of servers. Dedicated server hosting is a way to allow no one else to run on the server you’re using. Typically, a host is divided into multiple servers but with a dedicated server, you control the whole server and all VSIs that utilize it.

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You may divide it up in any way that you wish, but what is the value of a dedicated host? First, single tenancy eliminates your worries of another user getting into the information and breaking through your security. It also allows you to schedule workloads close to each other if they need to be. Oftentimes, this is a high-performance workload that requires VPIs to work together to achieve something.

Data transferring through a single host is obviously much quicker than using links through mutable servers. When all VSIs run on the same dedicated host, you lower your risk of running into timing issues. If you want to learn more about dedicated server hosting and why it may be beneficial for you or your company, follow along with the video!