Unclog Your Drain with These Amazing Tips


It is easy to accidently let soap, food, and hair get stuck in your sink. These items may accumulate and clog up your drain. If this happens, one option is to call a plumbing service company. However, there are also plenty of easy ways to take care of the problem yourself.

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In this video, you will learn some amazing tips on how to unplug your drain.

Soda is an excellent way to clean your drain. Soda is highly acidic and corrosive which helps dissolve clogging agents. A combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda would also work. You could even attempt to use a metal coat hanger to fish debris out of the drain. You just have to bend the hanger into a cord with a hook at the end.

You have likely heard of plungers being used to unclog toilets. Did you know that they can unclog your drains as well? If you have a cup plunger, feel free to use it to unclog the sink. Just don’t use the same plunger that you use for your toilet. That would be highly unsanitary.