The Most Common Elevator Problems


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Elevators are vertical transports used to move people and goods between floors in buildings. This video will explain common elevator problems and how elevator repair technicians go about fixing them.

Elevator problems range from issues that can leave the occupants stuck for a few minutes, to major accidents that may be fatal. The good news is that all of these issues are preventable.

There are over 30 deaths and 17,000 injuries caused by elevator problems every year. The first problem is a power failure. The electricity used by an elevator can put significant pressure on the building’s utilities. Any business with an elevator needs to invest in updating their building’s utility system to be suitable for elevator operation.

An elevator is operated with sheafs and ropes that work together to move the elvator up and down. Over time, the sheaves on an elevator’s cable system can wear out and cause added pressure to be placed on the ropes. Sheaves need to be regularly inspected to make sure they are properly grooved and not worn out.

Elevators rely on oils and other lubricants to smoothly move from floor to floor. If these lubricants are contaminated, they work inefficiently and can cause safety problems. Make sure to regularly re-lubricate elevator cables to prevent this.

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