The Importance of Crop Protection


Protecting our food sources is the number one concern of all farmers. The global outcry against GMOs and other synthetic things that affect food production has reached farmers. They’re now eschewing synthetic seeds and plants in favor of organic solutions.

The video you’re watching is from Bayer which is a Monsanto company (the largest purveyor of GMO foods.) Farmers are now dedicated to natural crop protection to ensure non-chemically affected foods. What are they doing differently?

The Triple Threat

Anyone who has planted tomatoes on their porches deals with the three things that can destroy their food: pests, disease, and weeds. Farmers not only have to deal with these but also with the quality of the soil.

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Rotating crops and treating the soil with nutrients take care of half the problem. The other half is pesticides.

The Importance of Crop Protection

When diseases don’t destroy a crop, pests do. Farmers rely on pesticides to kill weeds, pests, and diseases. On the other hand, chemical pesticides cause harm to the human body. Farmers are now using biopesticides and other natural solutions to combat the problem. Farmers can grow more food on less land with few to no pest problems.

Bayer tells us that they’re stepping outside the box to ensure farmers have the latest technology and research and development in crop protection methods. Sustainability and safety are the keywords that are vital to our society as well as on a global level. Bayer is using the very latest AI and digital development methods of delivering this safety and sustainability.