The Advantages of Concrete Grinding and Polishing


Concrete floor polishers

If you are looking for an industrial or commercial flooring solution, there are many different types of material from which to choose. But only polishhed concrete offers everything that a modern business needs when it comes to flooring. Permanent, durable, and in line with green construction practices, a concrete grinding and polishing company can offer you flooring that could potentially last hundreds of years. But you probably need more convincing than that. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider hiring a concrete grinding and polishing contractor the next time you need a floor installed.

Concrete floor polishing reduces floor maintenance in many ways. Polishing concrete makes the floor impervious to all sorts of normal wear and tear. Concrete grinding and polishing is especially useful in an industrial environment, where floors are prone to receiving tire marks from forklifts and other industrial vehicles. With a floor installed by a concrete grinding and polishing contractor, tire marks will be a thing of the past.

Given its tough exterior, you may think that polished concrete flooring requires increased maintenance in order to keep up its durability. Contrary to this belief, concrete grinding and polishing actually reduces much of the work needed in order to maintain the flooring. Polished concrete requires no waxing or buffing, and only needs regular mopping with soapy water in order to keep it clean. Whereas on most other surfaces, substances such as oil and paint can leave lasting stains, concrete grinding and polishing leaves flooring resistant to all such stains.

Given these benefits of reduced maintenance, it may seem like concrete grinding and polishing equipment will provide a floor with great durability, but leave it lacking any pleasant aesthetic aspect. While it is true that many industrial flooring solutions aren’t much to look at, the look of polished concrete can be improved in a couple of ways. Patterns can be scored directly into the surface to create an eye-catching design, or the floor itself can be dyed whatever color you choose prior to being polished.

Concrete grinding and polishing can improve flooring in most places, including schools, but there are some areas in which it may be best to find an alternative. Specifically, if polished concrete is going to be used in a school, it is advisable to choose a different surface for the music room. This is due to negative acoustic effects and issues that concrete grinding and polishing can cause. But as long as you don’t have to worry about acoustic issues, polished concrete can be used almost anywhere else.