Surveying a Marine Diesel Engine


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Buying a boat or yacht with a diesel engine requires some work on your part. It’s important to conduct a thorough survey of the engine to make sure it will run properly and safely. This video breaks down the basics of marine surveying so you can inspect new or used boats you want to purchase.

The first thing to check is your service history. This step does not even require you to be on the boat. Request the service history from the owner or seller to see if there are numerous repair reports. If there are a lot, you will know that something is wrong with the boat and you can avoid taking those problems on.

The second thing to look for is external corrosion. Look in the engine bay, particularly in areas that are difficult to see. Corrosion is not only an eyesore – it can lead to problems in the way the engine functions, too. Take a thorough look with a flashlight to catch problem areas.

You also need to check for external leaks while the engine is running. Look at hoses, after-heaters, water pumps, etc. Look for stains and follow them to the source. You also need to have a sea trial to make sure the engine RPMs are up to snuff.

For more information, check out the video in the link above.