Stop cannabis addiction before it gets too far


Marijuana addiction

Cannabis addiction is typical for many people that use the drug (known more commonly as marijuana) on a regular basis. One of the most common symptoms of cannabis withdrawal is craving, which can take place in marijuana users during the first few days of abstinence. People who may be looking to beat their cannabis addiction can do so, if they know where to go. Thankfully, there is a real marijuana addiction program that can help them to beat the odds.

Cannabis plants can grow easily in almost nay ecosystem. They average between one to two inches of growth per day, and can reach a height of approximately 18 feet. Because of this, the plant is very easy to come by, and cannabis addiction has become somewhat common. Even early drafts of the U.S. Constitution were written on hemp paper. Despite the easy availability, cannabis treatment is available for those who are suffering from cannabis addiction.

Nearly 50 percent of all people that have tried to stop smoking marijuana reported withdrawal symptoms including irritability, mood swings and anxiety. Others have reported aggression, restlessness, a loss of concentration and nervousness. While learning about cannabis addiction, people may be surprised to discover that data collected in 2011 showed that 22.6 percent of high school seniors in the US had used marijuana within the past 30 days, compared with only 18.7 percent that has smoked cigarettes.