Signs You Should Be Looking to Hire a Roofing Company Soon


65.9% of Americans own a home, according to Statista’s 2022 report. Owning a home is a commitment that entails protecting your investment for your family, insurance, tax, and resale purposes. Unfortunately, you may fail to notice roof problems until too late. And the consequences you face are increased material and labor costs. So, here are signs to start looking for roofing services to hire.

1. There’s a Leak

The moment you notice water or mold around the ceiling, it’s time to look for roofing services to hire. And one leading cause of the leaking roof is age. However, each roofing material has its lifespan. Here are various roofing materials and their lifespans according to experts:

  • Wood Shingles: 20-25 years
  • Rubber Roofs: 30-50 years
  • Composition Shingles: 12-20 years
  • Asphalt Shingles: 15-30 years
  • Metal Roofs: 50-75 years

Sometimes, your valuable roof may leak before its end of life. And the leading cause is people; your local roofing contractors may have left the shingles weakened during the last repair. Walking on the roof is okay, but roofs don’t usually tolerate modest foot traffic. So, whenever you want to install solar or inspect the roof, ensure your contractor leaves the roof in good condition.

Seams are the weakest roof points that can regularly push you to look for roofing services to hire. The leaking problem occurs when the adhesive or hot air welding joining overlapping sheets delaminates. Additionally, heavy equipment like the HVAC and the exhaust fans can take a toll on your roof.

Screws rust causing the washers to move from their positions. This creates potential entry points for water during winter or rainy seasons. And finally, exposure to weather is another factor that can degrade your roof quickly to start leaking. Ice and snow build up around the drains and gutters, leading to ponding water.

2. There Was a Major Storm

Hail, high winds, rain, and falling debris are the primary sources of roof damage during a storm. So, if your area is prone to natural disasters like storms, you must choose your roofing material wisely; otherwise, you will be looking for roofing services to hire every season. Let’s delve deeper and learn how these four damage sources damage the roof.

Hail and falling debris strike the shingles with intense force creating dents. Granules come out of the shingles, and the asphalt underneath is exposed to the weather. This typically will loosen the bond between the asphalt layer and the remaining granules. Definitely, the roof becomes weak.

Heavy rain is another cause of severe roofing storm damage because it causes water to pool. Once the water pools around the shingles, it causes the screws around the seams to rust and the washers to rot. As a result, the joints weaken, and the roof becomes weak to strong winds.

Finally, high winds can quickly rip off the shingles from the roof. Once you notice a significant storm, search for reliable roofing services to hire, especially inspection. You will notice dimples on the shingles and granules around the gutters if the shingles are hit hard by the storm.

3. Your Warranties Expiring

Warranties cover different aspects of roofing installation and repairs. Most homeowners will look for three main warranties to ensure their roofing project is well covered. As such, consider the following types of warranties once you have identified the best roofing services to hire:

  • Manufacturer’s product warranties – it covers the products you purchase from the manufacturer. Their basic and limited roofing warranty comes with no additional cost to your advantage as a homeowner
  • Enhanced manufacturer’s warranties – it’s the most comprehensive coverage offered by the contractor but backed by the roofing material manufacturer. Manufacturers offer these advanced warranties at additional cost, but they offer longer and better coverage against defects
  • Contractor warranties – contractors offer their coverage for issues like mistakes arising from the roofing project. However, details and terms may vary with the contractor and the warranty type

The above three warranty types have different durations. For instance, workmanship warranties offered by roofing companies vary from contractor to contractor. They usually go for 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years or a lifetime.

On the other hand, the manufacturer’s warranty depends on the quality of their materials. Once these warranties expire, you will face many charges ranging from material purchase to labor. As such, you would want to invest in a new roof with coverage to save some money.

4. You’re Selling Your Home

Remodeling’s 2019 report of the national averages pointed out that roof replacement using asphalt materials can add 68.2% of the home investment. In their report, the average American homeowner spends $22,636 on a new asphalt shingle roof. Afterward, the new roofing increases the home value by $15,427 on average.

If you are looking forward to selling your home, you should search for roofing services to hire for replacement before advertising it for sale. Home buyers consider the new roof because of cost savings. The cost saving involves insurance coverage because new roofs are less expensive to insure.

Secondly, the buyers consider the cost saving on heating and cooling. New roofs are more likely to keep the home insulated, saving the HVAC system from overworking. This is a brilliant trick to save energy. As a rule of thumb, a roof is a selling point because it adds home aesthetics. This is very crucial when the buyer visits the home for the first time for viewing.

5. There Are Missing Shingles

Wind damage to asphalt shingles is one of the most common roof claims. Surprisingly, asphalt shingles are rated as a three-second gust for high wind zones up to 150 miles per hour. But high winds tear or lift shingles from their position, causing them to fall around the yard.

The rain and heavy snow are the second factor that leads to missing shingles. The roofing nails become dislodged, causing shingles to crack and fall out. In another case, the heavy rain and snow can pond around, causing the nails to rust. Once the nails are rusted, the shingles loosen and fall out.

Finally, another factor that can take you back to the market to search for roofing services to hire is the squirrel population. If your neighborhood has high squirrel populations, you will notice shingles experiencing premature damage.

Why? Squirrels burrow themselves under or between the shingles, causing cracks. After the cracks, the shingles become very weak to withstand heavy rain and wind. Squirrels can also peel up the roofing shingles and chew through the roof decking. This results in leakages or rodents getting into the house to wreak havoc. In case you notice missing shingles on your roof, it’s time to call the roofing contractor to help you determine the best course of action.

6. You Want a New Material

According to The Spruce, there are over 12 roofing materials to choose from when performing residential roofing services. Examples are asphalt composite shingles, metal shingles, wood shakes, and clay tile. And very many factors can push you to choose a new material.

Factors like utility bills are prevalent among US homeowners. For instance, rolled roofing is the most inexpensive method you can generally choose for sheds and shop insulation. Luckily, it can last for up to 8 years.

New materials can create a unique taste in your home. That’s why a higher percentage of America’s homeowners change their roofs a few years before the end of life. Normally, they change the roofs after 10 to 15 years, before warranties expire to avoid incurring costs.

You can also install new material for weather purposes. Areas with high winds require metal roofing because it can withstand hurricane-force winds. Additionally, it has the highest rating for hail impact.

So, change the material if you have used shingles for several years and discovered you’re spending much on repairs due to winds and heavy rain.

7. Your Aesthetic Changed

Roofing materials lose aesthetics fast due to several factors. Factors like leaks can cause the roof to lose aesthetics very fast because once roofing materials like shingles are damaged, adding patches to repair them creates an ugly look. Additionally, due to regular repairs, Some roof areas may look more faded than others.

Attic ventilation also impacts the aesthetics of a roof, so be keen when you look for roofing services to hire. Poor attic ventilation causes the heat and moisture to get trapped between the attic and the roofing. As a result, excess heat and moisture damage the roofing structure.

Algae growth also affects roof aesthetics. However, you can control algae around the roof to regain the roof’s beauty if the material is not severely damaged. Unfortunately, a local roofing company may use bleach on your roof to control algae which takes a toll on the roofing surface color.

Ideally, choose a roof metal decking company that will install the insulation firmly to avoid water penetration. Water penetration causes algae growth between the attic and the roofing surface which is hard to control. However, if algae control methods or the weather tampers with your roof’s beauty, seek roofing services for a new look.

8. Your Neighbor Got a New Roof

Just because your neighbor upgraded their roof doesn’t mean you look for roofing services to hire and upgrade yours. However, there are some instances you may need to seek roofing services. If you live in a semi-detached home or have built your house like the townhouse complex, you may need to change your roof if your neighbor changes their area.

It’s rare, but you can find two homeowners who built their houses separately but share walls. Each home has a yard and patio area facing opposite directions, but the units look like one house. In this situation, if your neighbor has issues with the home paint or the roof, you will have to agree on the upgrade.

That aside, if you feel like you are left out by your neighbor, you are good to upgrade your roof. However, there are factors you must consider before seeking roofers‘ services. First, you must examine the insurance coverage, warranty, age, and looks. If your roof is well covered, it is unnecessary to invest much in it. A local roof repair can help you catch up with the neighbor without breaking the bank. Choosing repairs rather than replacements will add value to your home.

9. The Roof is Sagging

There are signs that you can quickly put up with for a few months. But others require urgent action. One of the critical signs is roof sagging. Once a section of the roof starts to cave in, you must quickly seek roofing services to hire, especially if the rainy or snowy season is approaching. A sagging roof results from damage to the structural support underneath the roof surface. Normally, if the structural support is made of wooden frames, you will experience this issue.

Wooden roofing frames are prone to moisture. This causes them to rot with time if the insulation is damaged. However, pests can also damage untreated wood, weakening some parts. And in the end, you have a sagging roof.

Sagging roof services are a huge project because the roof will be completely dismantled. Secondly, the roofing experts will replace the decking and the rafter with new and stronger ones. You can replace the wooden frames with metallic ones because they’re stronger and more durable.

10. Light Penetration

Go to the attic and check for the streaks of sunlight passing through the roof on a sunny day. At times you may find none depending on the sun’s position. But if the room seems suspiciously bright, it means the roofing material is wearing, allowing light to penetrate through. Another method to try out is turning the light on in the house at night. Then, walk outside and check for the light passing through the roof. If you notice the light from outside, it’s time to seek roofing services.

Your roofing can last as long as the installer and the material manufacturer promise if you perform proper maintenance. Maintenance entails cleaning the gutters, replacing rusted or missing shingle nails, and replacing missing or damaged shingles. Ensure you have reliable roofing services to hire for maintenance purposes because DIY may not be applicable in roofing unless you’re a professional.