Safety Tips for Log Splitters


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Log splitters are handy tools that make chopping firewood a lot easier. However, there are important safety tips to know before you start a log splitter up. Follow these key tips to avoid serious injury while using a log splitter.

The first thing you need is the right protective equipment. Wear a long sleeve shirt, pants with thick fabric, boots, work gloves, and eye protection while you are working with a log splitter. Wood fragments can come off the splitter at high speed and cause serious injuries. Wearing the right clothes and PPE will prevent this.

Always use the log splitter outdoors. Place it on a level surface and lock the support leg into place. Put rocks or pieces of wood under the wheels so the log splitter isn’t moving while you are using it. Before you turn the log splitter on, inspect it carefully for loose fittings or any other damage. Do not operate a log splitter if you spot damage.

Check the hydraulic oil level through the site glass, and make sure the fuel and oil levels are topped off. Clear the log splitting beam from debris and scraps of wood. Grab your owner’s manual and follow the instructions to start it up properly. Stand on the opposite side of the engine while you are splitting logs.

For more information, check out the video above.