Questions to Ask a Fence Service Before Hiring Them


If you are considering hiring a fence service to install new fencing on your property, There are a few things you should know. Not all fence services are the same, so you’ll want to ask some questions to help you determine if you should hire them. keep reading to learn what questions to ask a fence service before hiring them.

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First, you can ask “Do you have the proper license to do work on my property?” There are different levels of licensing that limit what types of projects can be done. For example, a contractor may be licensed, but not have the proper licensing for your job.

Next, you can ask “Can I see your workers’ compensation and general liability insurance?” You never want to hire someone without seeing their insurance to know they are insured. If a fence service is not insured and a worker gets injured during your project on your property, the responsibility can fall on you.

Lastly, ask “Can I see your workmanship warranty?” A workmanship warranty covers any repairs that are needed due to the fence not being installed correctly the first time. You want to know that you can get repairs if needed without having to pay extra.

For more questions to ask a fence service before hiring them, watch the video above!