Pumping a Septic Tank


Pumping or cleaning up a septic tank can be a daunting task. Most homes need septic tank cleaning every three to five years. Pumping the solids in your septic tank needs cleaning when one-third to one-half of solids are in your tank.

There is no need to do the job with your bare hands. You can hire a professional like a septic pumper. Septic pumper or septic tank inspector the right people to call whenever you have problems.

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Here is a quick guide on how septic pumpers do the job.

The septic pumpers arrive with a septic service responsible for all the septic waste. They will come with complete vacuum equipment. After removing the cover, the septic pumper will insert a large hose into the tank through the maintenance hole. The truck will suck all the contents inside the tank. The pumper will usually stir the septic waste using a muckrake to break the solids.

Here are some ways that you can maintain a septic tank for years.

Minimize your water usage.
Avoid throwing solid materials.
Avoid putting chemicals on the drain.

If you encounter problems with your septic tank, it is best to call immediate help in a septic pumper. They are the right people to inspect, evaluate, and address your concern. Watch the video and learn how the whole process works.