Powerful Tornadoes Sweep Across the Southeast


Sometimes, powerful lines of thunderstorms have the potential to spawn multiple tornadoes. This can lead to a dangerous tornado outbreak. In this video, you will learn about a tornado outbreak that occurred recently in the southeast United States.

A powerful line of storms passed through South Carolina and southern Georgia. A huge wedge-shaped tornado rumbled through the area.

Video Source

You can see a video where this dark wedge moves across the horizon. According to reports, this tornado lifted debris up to 10,000 feet and was spinning it a mile across.

The next clip shows a tornado that gets very close to a house. In fact, you can see the tornado ripping apart the house as debris swirl through the air. They will definitely need a new roof amongst other repairs after this close encounter. Another clip shows a tornado sending transformers ablaze as powerline are snapped like toothpicks. Heartbreaking images are also shown of whole communities that were decimated from the tornadoes. It is rough dealing with just one tornado. In fact, this outbreak consisted of more than 41 tornadoes over only two days. It can be hard to imagine just how destructive a tornado outbreak is.