Parts Manufacturing, the Increase in Technology, and why Made in the US Might Not Mean Made in the US


Electronic manufacturing services

Manufacturing companies are developing quickly in order to meet the demand for electronics that are sold around the world, and specific electronics manufacturing services are contracted in many companies to get raw parts for plants to produce more faster. Because of this, you will find a lot of electronics contract manufacturing companies outsourcing for their parts, even if they parts are being put together in one country or another.

Electronic design and manufacturing is rapidly growing, and here are some interesting facts you might want to know about contract electronics manufacturing companies.

  • By the early 1960s integrated circuits were fully in production and the design of various electronics equipment changed in order to take advantage of the technology and adapt to it.
  • In 1967 the first CES or Consumer Electronics Show was held in New York City, and it was a spin off of the Chicago Music Show. Until that point the show in Chicago had been the main event for showing consumer electronics.
  • Turnkey assembly and manufacturing services can provide a cost effective and simple way to manufacture the components as well has having them delivered to distribution points.
  • SINOCES, also known as the China International Consumer Electronics Show has become the most prominent fair internationally for all consumer electronics pros based in the Asia Pacific region. It officially started in 2001.
  • Trade resulting from China’s growing electronics industry has accounted for almost a third of the country’s overall trade in the past few years.

So, as you can see, while electronic design and manufacturing is a growing industry, you really need to know that many of the parts that the top contract manufacturing companies use in their plants are purchased internationally. So, while jobs have been created in the United States for some aspects of products labelled that they were made in America, the entire product from start to finish might not have been made in this country. More can be found here.