Open Up and Say Aaaaaah to Dental SEO


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You are a dentist first and foremost, but as head of your practice, you are also a small business owner. As a small business owner you may not know that 42 percent of people who conduct web searches will only click on the top rated link. You may be a great dentist with an amazing dentist office, but you are probably not an expert on dental SEO or how to design and market the best dentist online websites. You may know teeth and gums better than just about anyone else, but you cannot create the most effective dental SEO marketing for dentist online. Therefore, it may behoove you to consider outsourcing dental SEO and web development so that you are as good a dentist online as you are in real life.

Perhaps hiring a designer or marketer for dental SEO sounds like too expensive an undertaking. However, you have to keep in mind that the money you spend on dental marketing and dental website design is an investment in the future profitability of your practice. It is important for you to understand that hiring a professional to come up with a website and marketing plan that provides the best dentist info about your practice will maximize your ability to attract new patients.

The best marketers and designers are aware that about 25 percent of all web users have posted online comments or reviews about products or service providers, such as their dentist online. Not only does this impact dental SEO, but these reviews have the ability to make or break your practice. These reviews truly do affect your reputation as a dentist online, so you have to manage them effectively

When you outsource your dental SEO and web design to a dental seo company who can come up with a new patient marketing system, that company will be able to manage your dentist online reputation, as well as determining a marketing strategy that encompasses both search and social media, such as Facebook. After all, over 40 percent of all B2C companies have netted customers vis a vis Facebook. Social networking sites, therefore, need to be a major part of your dentist online marketing plan.

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  1. Well, that is where you are wrong. Online reviews and such are the new word of mouth.

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