Is Silicone Roof Coating Worth It?


Are you looking into silicone roof coating? Is this process even worth it? You will want to watch this video by Westing Roofing Systems to hear about the pros and cons of silicone roof coatings.

Silicone roof coating, also known as silicone restoration membrane, is a silicone based coating that is applied over a single membrane to help extend your warranty and life of your roof. Candidates for this type of system are existing roofs that show minimal leaks and roofs that are still in good condition with a warranty that has run out no less than five years ago. If you have a building with a ton of leaks, then this system may not be an option for you.

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You may have to do a total roof replacement if your roofing does contain too much leak damage. This system will work best on a roof that doesn’t leak, and just needs an extended life beyond its warranty.

If you are interested in a silicone roof coating for your building or buildings, then watch the full video to learn about some pros and cons of this restoration system. Don’t forget to subscribe for more helpful content.