Intro to Fire Alarm Systems


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Fire alarm systems are not all the same. The fundamental function is identical, but there are many different types to fit a variety of businesses and homes. This video will explain the basics of what a fire alarm system and the different ways they work.

Smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull systems, and a control panel. The detectors send signals to the control panel, which then alerts the building’s occupants of the danger. There are a lot of input and output components that collect data and monitor the entire system.

There are primary and backup sources of power. You need both for a fully functioning fire alarm system. The initiating devices are the detectors that send a message to the control panel about a fire. There are automatic initiating devices, like smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors. There are also manual initiating devices like pull stations or alarm buttons.

The notification appliances notify occupants of the fire. Notification appliances are bells, horns, speakers, and strobe lights. There are also building safety components, like fire exit lighting, ventilation systems, and sprinklers.

For more information on fire alarm systems and how they can help keep your building safe, check out the video in the link above.