Indirect- vs Direct-Fired Heaters


If you’re trying to prepare for colder months, you’ll be looking for heaters but are probably thinking about which type you need. If you’re here looking for the differences between direct and in direct-fired heaters, then you’re just in time. Watch this video as the representative of Priority Rental chats a bit more about the two types of heaters.

A direct-fired heater heats the air at a more direct angle. Essentially, most of the heat is focused lower to the ground because that’s where the coldest air is found. Through that process, the air then circulates the rest of the room.

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Indirect heaters use the air from the exterior to heat a building. It warms up this air and then distributes it through the living space. Unlike direct heaters, indirect systems are not stored inside the home but instead set up on the exterior of the building.

The advantages of direct heating include being low-cost and efficient in heating larger spaces. The direct heaters are also portable. On the other hand, the advantages of indirect heating systems include warm air without any fumes. The system can be used indoors and outdoors, but it will be set up accordingly.

These systems can last a long time when they are properly maintained. You can chat with your local pros and let them help you prepare for the colder weather by setting up a heating system. Check online to find the experts closest to you.