How’s Your Email Services?


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Think about how many emails you receive each and every day. It is insane to try and put a number to it. But then try and think about how many emails are sent each day not just to you, but everywhere in the world! There are approximately 294 emails sent per day, which computers to about 2.8 million every single second. It is just mind blowing to think about how amazing of a tool the internet has provided for us.

Thanks to MIT for developing the Compatible Time sharing System, or CTSS, back in 1961, multiple users were able to log into a central storing system from the remote dial up temrinals for the first time. Before intense web design, web developments, and website hosting, and email hosting, this first system aloud its users to store and share files in the central desk. Since informal methods of using the system to pass messages developed through this new technology, also came a long what we know as email.

Four years from these moments, MIT developed the first true email system, but once it became popular enough, email hosting become a need for users. Like website hosting, email hosting providers can also index and archive emails, allowing administrations, auditors and users to access stored messages. In addition to other premium email services, email hosting providers can customize configurations and a large number of accounts and domain names.

But most importantly, since around 90% of the million those emails that get sent out are spam and viruses, it is important to go with a quality provider that will use their best attempts at filtering out spam and viruses. Filtering out these bad emails is the best way to keep your own information safe and your computer itself out of harms way.