How to Select the Right Wire Rope Rigging for Your Project


In the above video, the reporter goes into different types of wire rope rigging, coatings, and what they are used for. To begin, the reporter instructs one to look into the cable construction information page. This will give you the physical properties and what the specific cable is best used for. 

Next, the reporter goes into the different sizes of cables one can choose.

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The first one he goes into is the 7X19, which is the most commonly used and is available pretty much everywhere. The next cable is the 1X19 cable, which is good for cable railing systems and sailboats. The following is 7X7, which is used for general applications. Due to its size, it’s good for small projects. Each type of cable has its own use and functionality. Next, the reporter goes into cable materials and the different coating types.

Furthermore, he went into different types of coatings and materials one can use with their cables. One type of coating is the hot-dipped galvanizing method. He does warn the coating could come off. Next, he went into several types of materials, such as 316 and 304 stainless materials. Knowing how certain cables work and their functionalities will allow you to select the right steel cable for your next big project.