How to Repair a Pothole in Asphalt Driveways


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Potholes in asphalt driveways can be a headache for homeowners. It can damage your car’s tires and are generally unsafe. This video shows how to fix a pothole and maintain your driveway from future damage.

The first thing to do is evaluate the problem. Dig out loose material from the hole to see what the root of the problem is. In the video above, the problem was caused by an old wooden barrel that was used as a dry well. They excavate the remaining parts of the well before moving on to the next step.

You can then throw pack into the hole to give a good foundation and prevent further leaking. Compact the bottom of the hole with a manual tamper. For the topcoat, get asphalt repair. It’s stone mixed with asphalt binder.

You can also cut around the edge of the hole to create a nice even edge. This will make it easier to fill the hole and avoid tiny gaps that can lead to more problems. Use a wet saw with a diamond blade and cut a clean edge to the pothole.

Finally, dump on the asphalt pack and tamp it down to make it even. Your driveway is now repaired!