How to know your child is ready for early education


Many parents are enrolling their children at age four or even three in preschool now. By the age of three years old, an estimated 95% of a child’s brain capacity already has been developed and it’s just a question of connecting it. You may wonder if your child is ready to take the step from daycare into preschool. There are a few things that’ll let you know whether or not your child is ready for early childhood education, so keep the following in mind when considering their level of education before private elementary school.

Is Your Child Paying Attention?

Attention is one of the biggest indicators of a child’s readiness for school. Even in preschool, when the expectations for attentiveness are relatively mild, kids need to be able to pay attention and follow directions. If they can’t, preschool might not be for them this year.

Independence is Important

Kids under five aren’t expected to be completely autonomous. They’re still small children, even if they want to be treated like “big kids.” However, they should be ready to handle brief moments of independence, such as playing a game with peers for five to ten minutes without being checked on. If your child needs constant supervision at preschool age, that’s not unusual. It may mean that they’re not yet ready for preschool or private elementary school as opposed to a more structured and consistently attentive daycare program.

Are They Emotionally Ready?

This is a trickier question. Children may insist that they’re ready for school, especially if their friends are going or if they are younger sibling and their older siblings are in school. Something that can help you decide their preparedness is by watching how they play. A small child who is prone to throwing tantrums because they’re losing or they feel like they can’t catch up may be signaling that a bit more time should be taken for their development before an elementary program.

These are valuable questions to have about your child’s readiness for early education, and it’s understandable for parents to want the best education for their children. A private elementary school can be an especially great place to maximize your child’s potential.