How to Install a Barbed Wire Fence


A barbed wire fence is a great way to keep your property safe from intruders or even animals from trespassing. In this video, you will learn how to install a fence with barbed wires safely and securely.

First, you should already have the fence posts staked in the ground so you can see which post will have the barbed wire strings. In their example, they marked five lines on a post indicating that there will be five lines of barbed wire throughout their fence.

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The barbed wire will come in a roll that will make it easier for you to install. Grab a pipe that will help you roll it. Make sure you are using professional-grade gloves while installing to protect yourself.

At each end of the post, you will have to fasten the barbed wire to secure and tighten it. If the wire is loose, it won’t protect your property effectively, so make sure the wires are taught and straight.

Continue watching this video to install the barbed wire fence you need for your property. Many farms use this material to prevent their animals from escaping and keeping other animals out. You can also use it to scare away trespassers, but just make sure you install the fence correctly.