How to Easily Remove Geese


If you are a homeowner with property away from an urban setting, you may have had problems with geese in the past and perhaps are even having problems right now. Geese are a nuisance because they can ruin your property with droppings and grazing. They can also become violent toward you while you are just trying to go about your business. In many places, geese are protected, which means you can’t get rid of them any old way. In this video, you will learn about a simple geese removal technique to easily and harmlessly get those pesky animals off of your property.

The video will show you a laser pointer you can use to remove the geese. It will give you all the information you need about the laser, including the battery type and strength of the laser.

Video Source

A green laser works best and opting for a high strength allows you to remove the geese from a great distance. All you need to do is point the laser near the geese, without actually touching them, and they will move away from it.