How to do Air Conditioner Maintenance Yourself


Air conditioning maintenance is important, especially if you live in a hot climate almost all year long. You should check your air conditioner and keep it up to date to make sure your air flow is good all summer long. This will also keep the longevity of your air conditioner because you will be able to see problems before they get worse.

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Clearing all debris around the outside air condition unit is a great start. You can spray the unit inside and out with water from a hose to get all of the debris out of the machine. Make sure the power is off during this entire process to ensure you are safe. Check all of the hoses connected to the unit and make sure that everything looks like it is in good condition visually.

Inside, check the air conditioner filters. It must be free of debris to make sure air is flowing well. You don’t want your air conditioner blowing through an air filter full of dust.

Make sure the thermostat is working well. This is an easy inspection, but you can also call in an HVAC technician to inspect more in depth. You should do this once a year to ensure you are getting the best air conditioning for your home and your family.