How Summer Programs Keep Students Engaged Year-Round


Early childhood education is important to child development. In fact, a child who does not receive early childhood education is 25% more likely to drop out of school according to Think Progress. Summer programs are an excellent option for parents seeking avenues for their children to learn and develop. During summer programs, children learn to hone their talents, learn new things, or participate in special activities. When organizing a summer learning program, the type of activities chosen can help attract and keep students engaged. The following activities can be instituted during summer programs and help nurture essential learning and development skills while children have fun.

Engage Students in a Reading Program

Make a list of summer reading suggestions. Reading is one of the simplest methods to keep a student’s mind engaged while not engaging in regular educational activities. If you’re seeking book options for your children, go to your local library. Many libraries host reading contests where children can compete, keeping students occupied throughout the school year. If traditional books aren’t working for your pupils, consider a narrative in a novel format! Comic books, graphic novels, periodicals, joke books, song lyrics, and recipes are all fantastic reading materials.

Learning a New Language

As a Chinese proverb says, “learning a language is like having another window through which to view the world.” Mastering a second language broadens students’ perspectives and exposes them to different cultures. It also has cognitive advantages, boosts academic performance, and improves overall well-being. It also benefits society through positive advancements in globalization and international relations.

Venturing Into Technology

Do you have passionate pupils about computers and technology? Include technology training in your summer program! This allows kids to experiment with coding, app development, video game design, virtual reality, and other technologies. Exploring technology can introduce students to an exciting and sought-after job as the demand for smart coders, engineers, designers, and game developers continue to climb. Collaboration with local companies and community groups is one of the finest ways to outfit your program with exciting technology and gadgets. They can gift or lend devices to provide kids with access to cutting-edge technology. Tech summer programs can help kids transition from consumers to producers.

Promote Sporting Activities

Because of video games, cellphones, and other electronic entertainment, today’s youth are more sedentary than ever. In many circumstances, kids would prefer to stay home and relax than go outdoors and be active. Sports can help inspire children to get up and move and receive the necessary daily physical exercise. Depending on the sport, students will acquire and polish certain skills. They may even uncover a previously unknown aptitude or expertise. It also promotes discipline, self-esteem, and mutual respect.

The above summer programs can help keep students engaged while aiding their development. Are you looking to learn more about a summer program that contributes positively to child development? Give Bellevue Children’s Academy a call today to learn about all our programs.