How Do Professionals Inspect Main Drain Lines?


There are many things that can clog your main drain lines or sewage lines. Things like tree roots, leaves, or toilet paper are all common clogs. When a clog happens, it can cause thousands of dollars in damages, so having your main drain lines and sewage lines inspected by professionals is important to keep them running properly.

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Keep reading to learn how professionals inspect main drain lines.

The best and easiest way to inspect drain lines is using a professional camera. With this camera, professionals insert the camera into the pipe and then have a clear view of the inside of the pipe.

Once the drain inspector finds the clog, which could be any number of things including tree roots, it is time to remove it. Using the camera, professionals can locate exactly where the clog is, how deep it is, and how much piping needs to be replaced. This is why using a camera is such a huge benefit, professionals can dig up the specific trouble ara seen on the camera rather than digging holes aimlessly in your yard.

To learn more about how professionals inspect drain lines, watch the video above!