How Can You Become a Professional Gun Designer?


Are you interested in designing guns? If so, the video has some tips and insights you should think through. One of the more interesting things about this video is that it needs to be a step-by-step guide on becoming a gun designer or engineer. The presenter advises what you should avoid if you have a passion for this field.

You should only get involved in custom gun design if you like working with your hands. However, you need not pursue a degree in gunsmithing or machining if making parts is not something you are interested in doing.

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The presenter has first-hand experience in the field and speaks from this perspective. If going to a manufacturing site and grinding away at a machine tool table for eight hours a day is different from your idea of a good life, you should not get directly involved in the gun-making industry.

If you like designing and making guns but do not want to do it full-time, your best move is to embark on a career or profession that you can do full-time and pursue gun design as a hobby. This will allow you to retain your love for it while earning your daily bread from another job. Now you know how to become a gun designer.