Here are the Differences Between a Spiral and Braided Hydraulic Hose


There are two types of hydraulic hoses: braided and spiral. However, there are some key differences between the two that you should know before using either one.

Braided Hose

A braided hose comprises two layers of braided material that sit on top of each other. This gives the hose added strength and flexibility.

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However, because it’s constructed, a braided hose should not be used in impulse applications (where there is a lot of banging or movement) as this can cause the braids to separate.

Spiral Hose

A spiral hose is made up of layered material (often metal) wound on top of each other. This makes the hose stronger and more durable than a braided hose. However, the spiral hose is not as flexible as the braided hose because of its construction.

Bottom Line

When choosing a hydraulic hose, it is essential to consider the type of application you will use it for. If you need a flexible hose to use for low-pressure applications, the braided hose is a good option. However, if you need a durable hose that can handle heavy use, the spiral hose is better.