Granite Countertop Installation Process


In this video, Brad is sharing some items he learned while searching for granite kitchen countertops. He decided on having a Tier 4 granite countertop installed in his home. The approximate price for this type of countertop is around $3,900.

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Typically the higher tiers will cost more money and in most cases, the higher tiers are of nicer quality.

The main reason Brad chose to go with granite kitchen countertops is that they bring extra beauty and uniqueness to a home. Another great benefit to these types of countertops is they get the highest return on investment. These countertops hang over the edge a bit more than your regular countertops. What this does is actually hides any imperfections and give a little more counter space.

If you are looking for new countertops for your kitchen, you should highly consider going with a nice granite countertop. This option will not only make your space feel more luxurious but there are tons of different granite styles to choose from. You won’t go wrong with any granite you decide on! What are you waiting for? Pick out your new countertops today. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more content.