Food Protection Courses Can Help You Keep Your Customers And Your Establishment Safe


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If you are worried about pathogens like campylobacter which is the most wide spread cause of bacterial based diarrheal illness running rampant in your establishment, one of the best things that you can do to combat the problem is to put your employees through proper food protection courses. It is estimated that about 48 million US citizens are infected with a food borne illness annually with 128,000 cases involving hospitalization and 3,000 deaths on top of that which is why it is imperative that you stress the importance of food protection courses for your employees. By giving them the opportunity to take both food and hygiene courses, you will be greatly helping your employees to become better team players as well as protect the interests of your business.

Proper food protection courses can teach your employees the importance of certain rules like FIFO so that they know not to use old food before new food in your commercial kitchen. A food protection course can also teach your employees other tips such as to watch food even when it is refrigerated since the process of bacterial growth is only slowed down rather than ceased. Thanks to food safety courses, your employees will know all of the proper steps involved with handling, preparing, and storing food within your establishment.

Ultimately, food protection courses will lead to a food safety certification which will help with quality control and upholding better management standards. Whether you are running a restaurant, a food packing operation, or a catering business, upholding these standards will mean good things for the future of your company. In fact, you will be able to wear your food and sanitation safety standards on your sleeve like a badge of honor and this can serve to help you get more customers.

As you continue to teach your employees the importance of handling food properly, they will help to pass along those standards to new hires. This should help to make your job quite a bit easier. It will also give you extra sets of eyes to ensure everything stays in check in your business.

Running a food business is difficult enough without having to worry about keeping food standards high. It would be in your best interests to empower your employees to do this themselves. By giving them the opportunity to become food safety certified, you will be one step closer toward making this happen.