Dos and Donts for Custom Docks


Although building a traditional dock has some semblance to that of custom docks may seem similar, a custom dock can make a world of difference in a marina. Although their weight distribution is equal, certain things differentiate them. Making the most of your dock depends on knowing the dos and don’ts, and in this piece, we will explore a few.

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While many of the docks will be water submerged, you will want to get as much of the dock above the waterline. The reason for this is that anything beneath water will be a victim of harsher conditions due to different weather patterns. Conversely, don’t allow your dock to be so high above the water that you struggle to get to your boat.

Once your posts and footers are in place, you need to build the custom dock according to your specifications. Once this is in place, you may use support posts for the deck.
On the flip side, don’t rush to put the posts in until you use support posts for supporting the deck.

When choosing the shape for your dock, you need to think outside the box. Ideally, you should go for something modern. You may create angles that favor docking success and give it the required aesthetics.
On the other hand, do not use a shape that doesn’t tally with your landscape, as it may not be safe or aesthetically appealing.

With the tips in this article, you should quickly get your custom dock set and ready for operations. But be careful to avoid some of the pitfalls highlighted in this piece.