Dos and Donts for Choosing a Moving Company


Preparing for a move can be stressful but it’s possible to reduce that stress by hiring a professional moving company. Searching the internet will lead to many options for moving companies. Not all of these will provide individuals with the services they need.

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This video suggests eight questions people should ask moving companies before they hire them.

One important point to clarify is whether the company is a moving company or a broker. A moving company means the person is dealing directly with the movers. A broker matches moving companies with people who are moving. The preference of working with a moving company or broker is a personal one so each person should be comfortable with the one they choose.

People who are moving should ensure the company is licensed to move household goods, has adequate liability insurance or bonding, and employs experienced movers. Additionally, ask about down payments and refund policies just in case the terms of the move change. Asking about the final cost of the move is also advisable so there aren’t any surprise costs down the road.